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As an editor and writer, I've collaborated with the biggest brands in the business to deliver on-target, trustworthy content that surprises and engages readers. I've led talented editorial teams as a staff editor, and I've freelanced for websites, magazines, and book publishers.


Web: Heart Rate Recovery During Intervals

Interval training can increase the rewards you get from working out. This method is one of the quickest ways to build fitness and burn calories, according to the Mayo Clinic. And the interval concept is easy to adapt to any type of exercise: Link to Story

Web: Lower-back Spinal Flexor Exercises

To keep your back pain-free, set aside time for spinal flexor exercises. The spinal flexor muscles are the long sinews that run in front of and alongside your spine. Link to Story

e-Magazine: The Sweet Taste of Corn

If you're reading this at breakfast, you've probably already had anywhere from two to six teaspoons of sugar. By your lunch break? You're at about 10 to 15 teaspoons. And for those curling up on the couch with the iPad after dinner and dessert - if you're anything like the typical American, you're up to about 22 teaspoons of sugar.
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Book: The Healthy Heart Miracle Diet

In a time when both obesity and diabetes rise to new levels, Healthy Heart Miracle Diet cuts through the barrage of conflicting dietary rules issued from on-high and nails down how you can lose weight, boost your energy, and strengthen your heart. Thirteen easy-to-read chapters help you easily adjust your diet by delivering the final word on fat, complex and simple carbs, protein, the best supplements for heart health, light exercise, and more. Throughout, more than 500 hints and tips clear up confusing nutritional claims, explode myths, and explain how eating right can be as easy as pie. Tying everything up with a big heart-healthy, weight-conscious ribbon are 100-plus tempting recipes proving that eating right doesn't mean starving yourself or giving up the foods you love like Lasagna with Spinach, Turkey Sausage, and Three Cheeses and treats like Chocolate-Walnut Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies.
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E-Magazine: Relax to Lose

The drumbeat of perhaps the most intense - but happy! - time of year is intensifying. Gift shopping, trip planning, party attending, meal planning - it all lies ahead, a looming shadow that probably has your pulse speeding up as you read these words.
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Feature: Live (Almost) Forever

Two islands in the Mediterranean. One island in the East China Sea. A remote peninsula in Costa Rica. A town in... San Bernardino County, California? From the exotic to the ordinary, these far-reaching locales are all rich in one valuable natural resource: longevity.
Men's Health Link to Story

e-Magazine: 4 Things You Need to Know About Weight Loss

Getting information on new diets and workouts is easy. Finding out why you can't lose weight or seem to be gaining pounds despite your best efforts is nearly impossible. How big of a role do genes play in weight gain anyway?
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Feature: The False Security of Sunscreen

It's an ongoing battle to prevent skin cancer, and flawed sunscreens put you at even greater risk. Most of us are familiar with the research linking too much sun to skin cancer, and have made a begrudging habit of smearing on sunscreen in the belief that doing so guarantees protection. But it turns out we¹ve really just been lulled into a false sense of security.
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Feature: The Saline Solution

When I was a child, the dinner table was the site of many battles, though none so frequent as the skirmish over salt. "John, you're going to kill yourself," my father would say as I shook as much salt as I could over my food before the command came to stop.
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Essay: The Law of Christmas Presence

Even if my wife and I limit ourselves to immediate family-siblings, their spouses, and their children-we still come up with 34 people. Which, at Christmas, used to mean 34 excruciating (and expensive, when you add them up) decisions about what to give-and that's not including the action figures and weaponry on our sons' lists.
O, The Oprah Magazine Link to Story

Book: The Change One Diet

[A review from] The Change One Diet is a weight loss program from prolific publisher Reader's Digest. The content is authored by some of their leading health and nutrition writers. The plan originally appeared in the book Change One: Lose Weight Simply, Safely, and Forever: The Breakthrough 12-Week Eating Plan from Reader's Digest, and received very favorable reviews (typically 5/5).
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Web: Does Exercising When You Are Sick Help or Make It Worse?

Working out can boost your body’s ability to fight off infections, believe it or not. But whether it’s a good idea to exercise while you’re under the weather really depends on what type of illness you have, according to research by David Nieman, DrPH, an exercise scientist at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Link to Story


John Hastings

I've written and edited compelling health, fitness, and science stories for magazines, websites, and iPad publications. I’ve held senior editorial positions at O, The Oprah Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Prevention, and Health.

I've freelanced for magazines such as Men's Journal, Bon Appetit, and Men's Health. I'm also the author of the diet book ChangeOne and the recently published Healthy Heart Miracle Diet.



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